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Whatsapp Prime + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v17

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NameWhatsapp Prime
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Whatsapp Prime APK:

Many applications have been designed by the best application developers to provide a free platform to make communication better between people. Some applications need subscription packages, and others need just an internet network to offer the communication platform. Whatsapp Prime Apk is an exceptional chat and calls app for users which is helping people to get closer. This application offers a free source for chatting and making calls anywhere in the world.

Whatsapp Prime APK

Like Whatsapp Prime, many other apps such as YoWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp. These apps are also presented with the chat and call forum, but the features that Whatsapp Prime presents are just beyond these applications. Whatsapp Prime offers not only all the features of the standard Whatsapp but also some extra mod features. This application allows you to make international calls. The calls and the chats will not demand the charges, but you just need a strong Wi-Fi connection. Whatsapp Prime aids users to change the wallpapers, adding a list of customized stickers, and variant emojis, vandalizing the call option, locking the internet connection for Whatsapp replies, and more. Moreover, it will keep the privacy, security, and safety of an account maintained. You can make your status hidden and also hide your status view. There is much more to offer in this Whatsapp Prime for the audience.

Whatsapp Prime APK Download

Follow every step of the given procedure to reach the application of Whatsapp Prime. 

  • The link has been shared above this article. You can use this link to get a download of the APK file. 
  • Confirm the security permission of your device. Enable it if it is disabled. 
  • Reach the APK file of the Whatsapp Prime in the File Manager of the device. 
  • Tap the APK file to start the APK file installation. 
  • After completing the installation, open Whatsapp Prime to enjoy amazing features. 


Download Status:

The statuses of your contacts can be downloadable even without viewing them. You can make a copy of the status, either video or image. The copied status can be shared anywhere.                      

Fake Location:

You have a choice of keeping others in disguise by hiding your location or by setting a fake location. Your friend or any member will not know that you have set the fake location. 

Hide Blue-Tick and Double-Tick:

If you don’t want the other person to see whether you have seen the message or not, you can turn this option on. This will not allow the other person to see the blue tick. The blue tick will not be shown to the other person. Further, you can also apply the double-tick privacy. 

Hide Status View:

No one will know that you have seen their status. You can hide your view by applying privacy to make the other person unfamiliar. 


Some people have a bad habit of deleting messages after sending them. Whatsapp prime has resolved the problem, by offering an Anti-revoke feature. This feature will allow the user to see and read any message, even if it has been deleted before delivering it to the other.

Whatsapp Prime APK

Anti-Status Delete:

The status that has been deleted by an account can be seen with this Watsapp Prime. You can see the status of any contact within one day, even if he has deleted the status. 


Whatsapp Prime permits the audience to make personalized customizations of every feature in the app settings. You can modify fonts, themes, wallpapers, modes, chat locks, pinned chats, privacy settings, private pieces of information, etc. Everything can be customized, and you will see the interface of your taste. 

Lock the Call Option:

The call option can be locked to avoid random calls that are made by mistakenly touching the call option. You will have to enter the key every time you want to call someone. 

Free App:

Whatsapp Prime presents a safe and free chatting and call platform for all people in any region of this world. No cents will be charged even if you talk with your relatives abroad. 

Freeze Last Seen:

The last seen can be hidden from others. You can also set a fixed last seen timing to disguise others. The other person will see the time that you have set.  

Share Large Video Files:

The large videos can be sent to other persons or can be shared on the status. Almost 70MB of video files can be shared on Whatsapp Prime. 

Share Photos:

The number of images that can be shared on Watsapp prime has been increased up to 300 photos. You don’t have to select the images many times in a fixed number. 

Image Quality:

The quality of the photos, videos, images and other documents will be sustained. Pixels will not fall, and the other person will receive the file in the original resolution and quality. 

Character Limit:

The character limit for everything has been increased and improved here.  You can personalize every feature more appropriately.


Some key features of Whatsapp prime are shared here. 

  • It will not demand any subscription package. 
  • Only needs an internet connection. 
  • Does not affect privacy. 
  • No ads. 
  • Customization of every feature is available. 
  • Theme, font, wallpaper, and other features can be customized. 
  • It allows generating the stickers. 


  • Strong Wi-Fi network. 
  • 4.1 android device. 
  • No need to root the android device. 

Whatsapp Prime APK Latest Version:

The latest version of the Whatsapp prime was19.35.12 and this version was updated on Sep 4, 2022. 

Whatsapp Prime APK Release Date:

Whatsapp Prime was first released in Jan 2017, and it has become the most popular Whatsapp available at this time.

Whatsapp Prime APK

Whatsapp Prime APK Old Version:

Many old versions of Whatsapp Prime have been released by the developer. With each new update, the previous one becomes ignored. The old versions are useful when the new update is not working on the device. Sometimes, the compatibility does not match between the device and the update, so the user can use the old version. 

Whatsapp Prime APK Developer:

The developer of Whatsapp Prime is CoolDroid, and he has designed the application in its best way. He has added everything that can be possible. 


The size of the application is only 60MB, and the application will not cause issues on the androids with which it is compatible. So, make sure the compatibility of the device matches with the application to avoid any disturbance. 


Whatsapp Prime is presenting a great chatting forum for all the audience who can’t afford any subscription packages and also have privacy issues. This Whatsapp will let you chat nationally and internationally. It ensures the safety and security of the account, data, and device. You will see some amazing and extra features in this Whatsapp that are not present in the standard application of Whatsapp. So, you must download this Whatsapp Prime from the above-shared link to get benefits from its impressive features. 

MOD APK version of Whatsapp Prime

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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