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World Bus Driving Simulator + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.42

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NameWorld Bus Driving Simulator
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk:

Want to test your driving skills on the difficult and hard roads of the world? Want to play a game that gives you an experience of realistic driving with all the drifting in absurd weather conditions? Not only do you have that crazy bumpy driving experience but also get a chance to drive renowned buses from all over the world.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk

If yes, then let’s have a crazy ride by playing this game. And to know more about the gameplay, let’s dig into the article given below.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk Interface:

This game is of the simulation genre and published by dynamic games LTDA. This game is all about the bus driver who drives buses on difficult and busy roads of the world and earns cash in return. In this gaming application,  you can learn how to operate a bus on various city roadways.

To draw in more consumers and make profits out of it, choose and personalize your bus with your own preferences. Additionally, you can get more consignment items from customers to make extra money and profit. In addition, you risk getting pulled over by the police for speeding or violating a traffic rule and suffer from heavy fines. By playing this game, you can show your experienced skills and also customize your bus which will ultimately attract more people.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk Gameplay:

The game revolves around the bus drivers who drive imported, famous and high-quality buses imported from all over the world on tricky roads. In this game, players can customize their bus according to their needs, which will draw the attention of the public.

The power, bus formulation, and gear ratios of each vehicle will vary, so choose the desired bus with caution to complete your given task. The dimensions and details of the World Bus Driving Simulator’s bus models are accurate and perfect to give you an amazingly terrific experience because they are based on the real theme of the parts of the bus.

The player can also assign any consignment through which he can make some extra bucks. But on his way, he has to face rough, uneven, and bumpy roads. Sometimes, being in a hurry to reach his destination, he can be caught by traffic police for violating traffic rules.

You can drive the bus both in automatic and manual mode. The player can choose several buses at once, launch a public transportation business, hire drivers, and can make a lot of profit with this business. The automatic mode of driving the bus has made players go crazy and the number of downloads of this gaming application has increased all over the world.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk Features:

Model of the buses:

This gaming application provides players with a diverse range and a variety of buses. He can choose any model according to the task given. But these models are usually unlocked in the app downloaded from the google play store. If you want to have unlimited fun with upgraded levels of vehicles,  you can download the app from the link given below.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk

Improving the parts of the bus:

Because of the rough driving and bad weather conditions, the bus needs service. You can improve the condition of parts of the bus. By doing such improvements, the buses will work more swiftly and in thi,s way you can generate more revenue.  You can also check the sensitivity level of the steering wheel, ensuring the safety of the bus driver and the passengers.

Automatic feature:

The game also provides the option of automatic driving apart from manual mode. You can also take a rest while tapping on the automatic mode. Through this relaxation time, you will feel more energetic and fresh and play the game with more power and efficient skills.

The bus will move on its own.

Dangerous and complicated roads:

It is not a usual and dull bus driving game. In this game, you will have to face many complicated and uneven roads, unexpected turns, and blocks. Passing such difficulties, you have to show your tactics of driving the bus. 

Many players avoid risky corners or steep slopes out of fear. Additionally, World Bus Driving Simulator mod apk continuously welcomes you with unpaved and uneven roads to experience the danger and thrill at the same time.

Climate change system:

You have to experience severe weather conditions like thunderstorms and heavy rain. Not only the weather, but you also have to drive the bus 24 hours a day, whether it’s a sunny bright day, on slippery roads or it’s 12 at night.

Take caution with the traffic rules:

No matter how busy your schedule is, you have to follow the traffic ordinances carefully otherwise you can be fined heavily and you will have to face loss.

Gas stations:

For driving the bus for long hours, you have to fill its tank. When the energy levels of the bus are low, the alarm system will start to ring to let you know about the situation. The gameplay has provided the map for this purpose. You can use the map to find out if there are any gas stations nearby.  Once you find the map, go to the gas station directly to keep running the game and all the fun. You need cash to buy the fuel for your bus. The money is acquired from all the tasks you have completed in the past levels.


By driving the bus, you have to generate revenue. Based on this revenue and monthly profits, your company will be ranked accordingly. The rewards can only be achieved if you earn a lot of money and stay away from the penalties as much as you can by driving your vehicle carefully.


The buses available in this game have the same gear ratios, design, interior, formulation, and power as real heavy-duty buses, thus giving you a realistic experience. Additionally, there will be a variety of effective control options available, including a driving gear, pedal, automatic or manual gearbox, and many other elements that will allow the user to operate the vehicle with the utmost authenticity.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk

Players can also enjoy the driving environment from a variety of camera perspectives. The wide camera movements will enable the driver to see all the aspects of a tricky road from the inside of the car. Moreover, the model of buses keeps on updating on a monthly basis.


You can show your artistic sense in this game too by painting your bus. Make your buses attractive and unique in this game. Thus you can make your cars colorful and vibrant from other people’s perspectives.

Driver’s License:

Developers have always come up with unique ideas while developing gaming applications to make people go crazy and addicted to the game. In this game, a driving license is assigned to each bus driver. You can customize your driving license by displaying your real picture on it. Nothing can leave a real impact on the player’s mind than the customization offered by the developers.

The logo consists of a heavy-duty bus with eye-catching colors, having greenery in the background showcasing the movement of buses through beautiful and attractive landscapes.

Those who love gaming applications including vehicles will tap on the game at least once, for sure. 

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk Download:

  • We will not recommend you to download this game through third-party software because of abuse reasons.
  • But no worries, we have given the link in this article, from where you can download the game for free.
  • To download, click the link and save the file ‘world bus driver mod app on your mobile.
  • Then you have to go to the settings of the phone and then to security and enable the option of downloading from unknown sources.
  • Tap the download button there and your game will start to download instantly.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk All unlocked features:

In this game, you will have a wide variety of buses available which you will be able to use once unlocked by passing a certain level or buying through virtual currency.

But in this mod version, all the vehicles are already unlocked. You don’t have to pass any certain level or complete any task to achieve these unlocked vehicles. so, what are you waiting for? Download the game in the mod version and start to play this adventurous yet skillful game.

World bus driving mod apk All unlocked new version:

This new version has an immense variety of features. In this new version, the driver can get out of the bus. All the scenarios and levels are upgraded to uniqueness. There are cameras inside the buses which you can zoom in to any time you want. There is improved artificial intelligence.

World Bus Driving Simulator Mod apk

Availability of maps to find the nearby gas stations is also made. The garage used to park the cars and buses is also improved and spacious.In this new version of the mod apk, you will have access to all the above features with all the valuables unlocked for free.

World bus driving mod apk unlimited money

In the mod apk version, you will have access to unlimited money from which you can buy petrol, upgrade your bus model, pay any penalty made during violation of traffic rules or hit any other car. This unlimited money has replaced the players’ usage of real money to continue the endless fun.

MOD APK version of World Bus Driving Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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